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What are Xeomin Injections?

Most know about Botox, the purified protein that is injected to help relax the muscles of facial expression that cause wrinkles.  But what is Xeomin?  Xeomin is another type of neuromodulator like Botox and Dysport that is derived from the Botulinim toxin.  Like Botox, it is approved by the FDA for treating the Glabella area, also know as the frown lines or eleven lines.  Xeomin is injected into specific facial muscles to both soften and help prevent wrinkles just like disport and Botox.

The Truth: Xeomin vs Botox

So what is the difference between the two; Xeomin vs Botox?  Both Botox and Xeomin (and dysport) have the same active protein that relaxes the muscles when they are injected.  The difference with Xeomin is that it comes it has less proteins on the molecule than Botox.  As a result, it does not have the surrounding carrier proteins on the molecules of of Botox and Dysport.  Some think that the absence of these accessory proteins may lead to lower rates of resistance sometimes seen with repeated Botox use so we usually use Xeomin for patients that don't have good results with Botox overtime

What are Xeomin Results

Xeomin seems to have results similar to Botox and Dysport.  The absence of accessory proteins on molecules may allow Xeomin to act a little faster than Botox.  Xeomin results should be seen in 3-4 days with full effect in a week, like Dysport.  Xeomin usually lasts around 3 months in most.  Xeomin also does not need to be refrigerated.

What is the Xeomin Cost

The cost of Xeomin is less than the Botox cost usually.  Like botox, Xeomin is priced per unit or per area.  Xeomin cost is one dollar less per unit than Botox usually.

The Xeomin Rewards

Merz Aesthetics sponsors the Experience Rewards Program.  Join the Xperience Program today to receive an instant $50 Xeomin coupon for your XEOMIN® treatment!

Some Xeomin Side Effects

Common Xeomin side effects can include bleeeding and bruising at the injection sites and sometimes headaches.  Less common side effects can include allergic reactions, muscle weakness, drooping eyelids and blurred vision; similar to other neuromodulators.

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