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Want to get a summer body ready in just weeks? CoolSculpting is the way to go.

Summer is just around the corner and we all know the urge of wanting to have a body fit enough for bikini. Here at Beautify we offer many different services, one of them being CoolSculpting. For those of you who are just starting out on your beautify journey, CoolSculpting works to remove unwanted fat cells from under the skin. The rolls of fat are placed into two panels and then the fat is cooled to a freezing temp. Thighs, lower back, belly, and sides are some of the most common places that are treated. The procedure usually takes about an hour to complete. The more body parts treated requires more CoolSculpting. Keep in mind, that every body is different, therefore; treatment will differ from person to person.

Yes, CoolSculpting is a great way to get that summer body. Although, it is not for everyone. It will not take all of the body fat away and is not a treatment for obesity. It works to remove small amounts of fat.

Keep in mind: CoolSculpting results should last for a long time. CoolSculpting will kill off fat cells, and they will not return. Unless, you gain weight after your CoolSculpting treatment, there is a possibility you may gain fat back in the treated areas.

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