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Procedures that are popular by the age group

AGE 13-19

The most popular plastic surgery procedure for teenage patients is nose reshaping surgery. The surgery is so common with this age group, because they are told to wait to have surgery in other areas.

AGE 20 -29

Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure for this age group.

Many women in this age group may become worried about the appearance of their breasts, especially after they experience changes from a pregnancy or normal weight fluctuations.

AGE 30 -39

While breast augmentation remains the most popular within this age group, there is a demand for body contouring procedures including liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. This is due to the normal reduction in metabolism.

AGE 40-54

This age group experiences a significant gain in the demand for eyelid surgery.

Men and women in this group often notices increasing signs of facial aging, especially around the eyes. Many notice drooping or sagging of the eyelids, resulting in a permanent sad or tired appearance.

AGE 55+

Along with eyelid surgery, individuals in this age segment have a demand for facelift surgery.Many people in this demographic have

the advanced symptoms of facial aging including deep wrinkles, deflated cheeks, sagging of the neck, and the formation of jowls. Facelift surgery can be performed to make the face and neck area tighter and youthful looking.

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