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Helpful tips to reduce skin aging

  1. Stress less: Stress causes aging.

  2. Veggies: Aging involves oxidative damage stemming from toxins in the body. Most vegetables are high in antioxidants which. Antioxidants help fight of bad radicals.

  3. Cutting sugar: Sugars are directly responsible for aging in almost all organisms on earth, from yeast to humans. Eliminating or reducing unnecessary sugar can go a long way in terms of aging prevention.

  4. Hydration: Stay properly hydrated by drinking lots of water (8-10 eight ounce glasses per day) and munching on fruits and vegetables throughout the day.  Keep in mind that caffeine and alcoholic drinks do not count toward the recommended daily amount.

  5. Moisturize: Hydration is key to help fight off wrinkles and fine lines.

  6. Raise an eyebrow: Did you know that repetitious facial movements like consistent rising of the eyebrows can be responsible for wrinkle formation? Try to minimize unnecessary facial scrunching by becoming aware of your habits and focusing on minimizing the action. Over time it may be possible to change these damaging habits.

  7. Sleep: This is so important! With a busy life this can be hard to do, but it is crucial to get a good nights sleep!

  8. Pillow: It is so important to use a satin or silk pillowcase it is not as rough as a normal pillowcase.

  9. Go nuts: Nuts are the perfect snack food and are filled with anti-aging fats, vitamins and minerals.

  10. Eat fish: Most fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids, an important nutrient that has proven benefits for skin health.

  11. Sunscreen: Are you really surprised by this? Sunscreen is so important! we all know this helps reduce wrinkles.

  12. Wear shades: One of the areas of the face that is most prone to aging from UV exposure is the delicate skin around the eyes. Make sure to wear high quality polarized shades while outside in the sun. Not only will you look cool; you’ll also minimize aging.

  13. Fruits: Along with antioxidants, many fruits like oranges and cranberries are high in Vitamin C which have the ability to fight signs of aging.

  14. Minimize makeup: Heavy makeup use can clog the pores, suck up moisture from the skin, and decrease the skin’s elasticity. Avoid heavy, pore-clogging foundations and makeup and instead try to opt for lightweight mineral based makeup.

  15. Beans: Legumes contain numerous minerals that help the skin retain water, thus keeping the skin properly hydrated and looking young.

  16. Tea time: Having an afternoon tea prevents aging in two ways. First, teas are packed full of skin-healthy antioxidants. Secondly, a nice tea break is always a good stress reliever. Make tea time a regular part of your day.

  17. Olive oil: Fat gets a bad rap. There are many healthy fats, like olive oil, which are good for the body and the skin. They don’t call them essential fats for nothing.

  18. Milk: The lactose found in milk can cause scarring and age spots. Instead, drink almond milk. Be sure to find other sources of calcium in your diet to keep your bones strong!

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