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Face Fillers and Dermal Fillers in Columbia, South Carolina


Fillers used for the face originally focused on smoothing major lines like the laugh lines.  Since then, our understanding of facial anatomy and aging has improved.  We now understand that aging is more than just lines and wrinkles, and has more to do with volume loss.  As we age we begin to lose fat, muscle strength, elasticity in skin and bone in our faces.  As as result, not only do we lose volume in our brow area and cheeks, but the remaining volume begins to shift downward to the lower face. Looking at a youthful face, we see most of the volume is in the upper third of face in the brow and cheeks.  We call this the upside down triangle for youth.  When we look at the aged face, we notice the volume has been lost in the brow and cheeks and has shifted towards the jawline and left the patient with jowls.  

Where Are Dermal Fillers Used

When Dermal fillers cheeks and lift the mid-face restore youthful appearance far more than filling smile lines. We usually recommend restylane lyft or Voluma for cheeks and restylane for the smile lines as well.


We also have many face fillers to choose from.  They have progressed to safer and less painful forms with the addition of local anesthetic like lidocaine.  There are the hyaluronic fillers like Restylane which are based on a natural building block of the skin found in joints.  They can be used virtually anywhere on the face and can last up to a year but we tend to inject only in the safe areas (cheeks, and below).  There are stimulatory synthetic facial fillers like Sculptra.  Radiesse actually stimulates your own collagen growth and can last over a year. It can be used in the face or butt.  


The other limiting factor with dermal fillers has been the need for multiple injections points and risk of vessel occlusion.  Not only is this painful, but each needle stick can cause bleeding and bruising or occlusion.  While every procedure has risk, Danielle uses microcannula in the riskier areas at Beautify Injectable Boutique. Microcannulas are are blunt-tip, long thin tubes that allow us to inject the dermal fillers in a few areas through a single injection site.  The comfort and safety of these microcannulas is better than needles alone.

Danielle Malatek, APRN at Beautify Inejectable Boutique is an expert on facial fillers. Contact us today for a free consultation with Danielle.

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