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Crows Feet

What is Crow's Feet some may ask?

Wrinkles noticeable in the corners of the eyes. Crows feet isn't like expression lines or wrinkles on other parts of the face, crow's feet can possibly look deeper on the skin.

Top causes of crow's fee are

  • loss of skin elasticity and collagen that occurs with age

  • UV exposure

Crow's feet can also be called:

  • Laugh lines

  • Character lines

More advanced names:

  • Duchenne markers

  • Orbicularis oculi contractions

  • Lateral canthal lines

Why does this happen some may also ask?

The facial skin stretches because of its elasticity. When pulled, it returns back to its original form. As you age, skin loses it's elasticity, therefore, certain body parts start drooping and wrinkles begin appearing. The bodies' production of collagen lessens with age. Frequent muscle movements from squinting, raising eyebrows or frowning cause the skin to fold, leading to facial lines. UV exposure and age play a vital role in the shaping of crow's feet, can happen at any age. Crow's feet can show up in your mid-twenties; even earlier in some individuals who don't engage in good skincare. But either way, they're unavoidable.

How does Botox help?

Fast treatment that projects beneath the skin’s surface. Reducing muscle activity that leads to crow's feet, and to frown lines in adults.


  • May not notice results until a few days later.

  • After a couple days, muscles that surround your eyes might begin to relax.

  • Results can last around four months.

  • Use on a continuous basis, it can be effective.

  • Need to have follow-up injections by your doctor every few months to maintain the smoothness around your eyes.

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